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Thanks for visiting the Alpine Geek website. We are no longer taking new clients.

All of the Alpine Geek's efforts are now going towards his newer business, Fall River Productions, which specializes in video production and photography. Visit the Fall River Productions website and learn more.

The Alpine Geek offers quality and professional websites, like the one you're viewing right now. The websites I design are professional, easy to navigate, are pleasing to the eye, include flash elements, and much more. Be sure to visit my Website page to learn more. Visit our Contact page to send us a message or call us anytime at 970-480-7275 or use the handy link below to call.

A Host of Services
Besides websites, I offer other services such as:

  • Multimedia Presentations and Productions
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Photography
  • DVD Authoring
  • VHS Conversions to DVD
  • Audio Tape & LP Conversions to CD
  • Real Estate Virtual Tours
  • Lodging Tours & Presentations
  • Flash Animation & Flash Videos

YMCA of the Rockies excerptHere is an excerpt from the Spring/Summer 2009 YMCA of the Rockies - Dorsey Musem Newsletter:

Build a Web Site and They Will Come...
"As we told you earlier, the popularity of the museum
and alumni web sites continues to be a bright
spot for everyone. The size and complexity of both
sites far exceeds our initial vision...Much of the credit for the popularity of both sites goes to our web master Brian Biggs. He is a creative and technical genius. He takes our words and ideas and turns them into web pages. If you haven't visited the sites, type and into your Internet browser and pour yourself a cup of coffee."

Web Site Statistics Feb 2008 - March 2009
  Total Visits Pages Viewed
YMCA of the Rockies Alumni web site 92,000 421,000
Dorsey Museum web site 87,000 1.3 million*
  *No, this is not a typo!

Please feel free to browse my site and also don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to find out if I can help you with your projects. I'll be happy to give you a personalized quote for your particular needs.

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